Dominic Turner: Outside-In

“Even in the digital age, Dominic’s old school tricks of the light are a thing of magic that never cease to amaze me.”
- Festival Director. 

The Camera Obscura is a demonstration of the basic principles of photography and even with today’s technological wonders the phenomenon still captures the imagination and can be considered every bit as magical as when it was first observed thousands of years ago. Dominic Turner, a photographic artist with a passionate interest in 19th Century photography,  has designed a camera obscura specifically for Castletown House which will reflect and compliment some of the grandeur of Castletown’s heyday and provide some calming respite for visitors to to the BIG HOUSE Festival. 

Main House, Level 2, Lady Louisa’s Bedroom. All Day. Every Day.

About Dominic Turner

Dominic Turner is a fine art photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. His work pays close attention to the process and craft of making a photographic image. Influenced by the 19th century pictorialists, he seeks to revise this approach to have greater relevance in the 21st century. His work frequently uses or visually references early photographic (or alternative) printing processes such as Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium in addition to contemporary pigment printing techniques.


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